Mst. Esmotara Begum

মোছাঃ এসমোতারা বেগম


Field of Research
  •  Thin films
  •  Electronic materials
  •  Nanocomposite
  •  Nanoparticle

  •  First Joined: 01st Jun, 2021
  •      Dept. of Glass and Ceramic Engineering



Book / Book Chapter
Journal Articles
Conference Papers
SL Authors Title Publisher Details Publication Year Type
1 M. Esmotara Begum, M. Bodiul Islam, M. Hosne Ara, Anannya Doris, M. Abdul Kaiyum, Md. Rasadujjaman The prospect of spray pyrolyzed pure, Mn-doped, and Zn-doped nickel oxide thin films as TCO material Heliyon, vol. 10, no. 1, p. e24244 2024 Journal
2 M. Esmotara Begum, M.N.A. Chowdhury, M. Bodiul Islam Structural, morphological and optical characterizations of spray pyrolyzed nickel oxide thin films Results in Materials, Volume 14, 100265 2022 Journal
3 Mst. Esmotara Begum, Md. Bodiul Islam Effect of Zinc Doping on the Properties of Nickel Oxide Films Paper ID: 162, 5th International Conference on Mechanical, Industrial and Materials Engineering 2022 (ICMIME 2022) 2022 Conference
4 Md. Jahidul Haque, Zahidul Islam, Ahmed Sidrat Rahman Ayon, Akib Jabed, Zarin Rafa Shaitee, Sanzana Tabassum Proma, Mst. Esmotara Begum, M. Humayan Kabir, M. Mintu Ali, M. Abdul Kaiyum, and M. S. Rahman Usage of Bionanomaterials in Production of Solar Energy Apple Academic Press & CRC Press (Tailor & Francis Group), ISBN: 9781774912010 2022 Book Chapter
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