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Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET) is situated in the northern part of Bangladesh name Rajshahi is one of the largest divisional headquarter of the country.  The campus is located about 250 km north-west of Dhaka city and in urban area of Rajshahi adjoining with Dhaka-Rajshahi highway nearby of Rajshahi University. Dhaka to Rajshahi can be reached in about 5 hours by car, 6 hours by public bus, 6.5 hours by inter-city train and half an hour’s by airlines. The university is about 10 minutes drive (4 km) from the railway station and bus terminal and 20 minutes drive (8 km) from the Shah Makhdum Airport Rajshahi. Auto rickshaw, CNG and public bus is available 24 hours to reach the university from all the terminals. 


The distinguishable seasons in Bangladesh are summer and winter. In summer season (May-October) temperature of Rajshahi is hot and typically 25-40 0C and sometimes humid. In winter season (November-April) temperature is moderate typically 8-20 0C. 


Students, teachers and staffs are accommodates inside the campus of green environment. Accommodations of visitors are arranged in the university guest house inside the campus upon permission of Vice-Chancellor. 


All the student dormitories, guest house and teachers/staffs quarters have cooking facilities inside the campus. The food corners are available in RUET cafeteria and canteen inside the campus. Apart from these, food corners are in the adjacent of RUET boundaries namely, Kazla, Talaimari traffic, Talaimari Bazar etc.   


Groceries are available inside the campus in the canteen area for daily necessities. One can walk 5 minutes from RUET gate for medicine, tailoring, photocopying, offset printing etc. One can go New Market, Shaheb Bazar 5 km away from RUET to buy wide variety of necessities.  


RUET has medical centre inside the campus to provide indoor medical facilities for common health problems. Complicated health problems immediately referred to Rajshahi Medical College providing ambulance service of RUET 6 km away from the campus.