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Academic Exchange

Academic exchange of RUET


To improve language skills, intercultural skills, problem-solving skills, independence, lifelong international connection, and discipline knowledge RUET is always engaged with academic exchange programs through various departments. RUET academic exchange program includes student exchange, teacher exchange, innovative ideas exchange, research exchange, etc. Every year the undergraduate and postgraduate students at different sessions along with teachers participate in different exchange programs at home and abroad. The list of exchange programs where the students and teachers were involved for the recent year is as follows.


1.  Student exchange


(i) Mohammad Mostafizur Rahman Biswas [Ph.D. Student, Dept. of EEE, RUET] attended an exchange program at the University of Toyama, JAPAN.

(ii) Md. Belayat Hossain [Ph.D. Student, Dept. of ME, RUET] attended an exchange program at the Saitama University, JAPAN.

(iii) Fazlur Rashid [Master Student, Dept. of ME, RUET] attended an exchange program at the Saitama University, JAPAN.


2.  Teacher exchange


The faculty members of RUET are well-expert in their teaching and research. A significant number of the Ph.D. holder of RUET received their Ph.D. degree from the world-class university. RUET has a rule to release the teacher to go abroad for teaching and research. Teachers very frequently go abroad under this rule. Moreover, RUET invites foreign faculty (adjunct faculty and invited faculty) to teach at RUET. Every year significant number of foreign faculty contribute at RUET.


3.  Innovative idea exchange


Every year, RUET teachers and student exchange their innovative ideas through different national and international exhibition/competition programs. The most recent exchange program and involved teachers and students are as follows.


(i)  Program: 45th ICPC World Finals Challenge Powered by Huawei

Achievement: global ranking 12th and secured the 2nd prize

Held: June 2023, China

Student Name: Adnan Zawad Toky (CSE, RUET)


(ii)  Program: Huawei Seeds for the Future

Achievement: Top 9 of Huawei Seeds

Held: June 2023, China

Student Name: Madiha (CSE'17) and Mehreen (EEE'18)


(iii)  Program: Formula Kart Design Challenge-FKDC

Achievement: Participated

Held: 2023, India

Student Name/number: student 9, teacher 2


(iv)  Program: Formula Switzerland

Achievement: 8th position

Held: 2023, Switzerland

Student Name/number: student 10, teacher 2



4.  Research exchange

The faculty members and students of RUET exchange their research through international conference presentations, joint research projects, collaborative research projects, etc.