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Research Overview

Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET) is an oldest and leading technical educational institution of Bangladesh evolves into research and innovations. The university thinks that research, consultancy and innovations in line with teaching and learning are important for academic services which utilize the specialty and resources from faculty members, students and staffs for knowledge contribution. These mechanisms increase the professionalism and to develop the country through contribution in the industry, society and other development sectors as well as RUET. RUET committed to the development, new innovation and applied knowledge through research. The faculty members are from different academic background and alls are expected to involve in research activities. The faculty member has an obligation to conduct research and publication weather within the university or collaboration with industries or local universities or internationally. University has a research & extension unit is responsible for the management of research, publications, research planning, implementation, research related activities and communication with public and private sectors. Director of research and extension is responsible for all the activities.