Farzana Akter

ফারজানা আক্তার


  •  Room No:  Room No: 04 (2nd Floor), Academic Building-I,RUET, Rajshahi-6204.
  •  Phone:   880-1791282222
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Field of Research
  •  Renewable energies.
  •  Biomedical Engineering.

  •  First Joined: 05th Nov, 2019
  •      Dept. of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering



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Journal Articles
Conference Papers
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1 F. Akter, T. K. Roy Design of a Robust Integral Sliding Mode Controller Using the Continuous Function-Based Fast Power Reaching Law for DC-DC Boost Converters in Fuel Cells Applications. 2021 International Conference on Power, Electrical, Electronic and Industrial Applications, 2021/12. 2021 Conference
2 T. K. Roy, F. Akter, S. K. Ghosh, M. A. H. Pramanik. Design of a Fast Power Reaching Law-Based Integral Robust Backstepping Sliding Mode Controller for Grid-Tied PV Systems. IEEE 6th International Conference on the Developments in Renewable Energy Technology, 2021/12. 2021 Conference
3 F. Akter, M. R. Hossain, M. A. Haque. The Development of a Communication System for Enhanced Security in Computer Generated Hologram by Using Fresnel Algorithm. 2021 International Conference on Computer, Communication, Chemical, Materials and Electronic Engineering (IC4ME2), 2021/12. 2021 Conference
4 Hossain, M. R., A. Haque, O. Mojumder, and F. Akter A Novel Implementation of Computer Generated Hologram for Highly Secured Communication Using Gerchberg-Saxton (GS) Algorithm. 2020 IEEE Region 10 Symposium (TENSYMP), pp. 1286-1289. IEEE, 2020. 2020 Conference
  •  University gold medal
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