Dr. Monjur Mourshed

ড. মনজুর মোর্শেদ

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Mourshed attained his Bachelor of Science (BSc) and Master of Science (MSc) degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET). He earned his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Engineering and Technology (RMIT) University in Australia. His doctoral research focused on the development of a proton flow reactor system aimed at producing hydrogenated carbon-based powder for bulk export, sponsored by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).
Additionally, Dr. Mourshed served as a post-doctoral research assistant within the Sustainable Hydrogen Energy Laboratory (SHEL) Research Group at RMIT University, contributing to investigations in hydrogen fuel cell and electrolyzer technologies, funded by the Australian Defense Innovation Hub. Presently, his research pursuits primarily revolve around hydrogen fuel cell and electrochemical flow battery energy storage systems; alongside interests in renewable energy storage and management, solar thermal energy storage and applications, as well as waste-to-energy conversion and management.

Field of Research
  •  Hydrogen energy technologies (hydrogen fuel cells, electrolysers, hydrogen storage)
  •  Fuel cell and flow battery technologies
  •  Renewable Energy Storage and Management (biomass energy, alternative fuels, solar thermal energy)
  •  Waste to Energy Conversion and Management
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  •  First Joined: 26th Jan, 2015
  •      Dept. of Mechanical Engineering



Book / Book Chapter
Journal Articles
Conference Papers
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3 Md Kaviul Islam, Mst Sharifa Khatun, Monjur Mourshed An in-depth analysis and review of management strategies for E-waste in the south Asian region: A way forward towards waste to energy conversion and sustainability Heliyon (Impact Factor: 4.00) 2024 Journal
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  •  Recipient of Post-Doctoral Research Associate of “Mitsui Chemicals, INC.‐Carbon Neutral Research Center (MCI‐CNRC)” in I2CNER (an international collaboration between Japan and the U.S., based at Kyushu University and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, respectively) at Kyushu University, Japan
  •  RMIT Research Stipend Scholarship, RMIT, Australia (2019-2022)
  •  RUET Technical Scholarship (2010-2013)
  •  Member, The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB)
  •  Member, Organisation Committee, ICMIME 2017, RUET, Bangladesh
  •  Member, Publication Committee, ICMIME 2015, RUET, Bangladesh
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