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Notice Details

5th KIBO Robot Programming Challenge 2024

18th February 2024


Wait is over! Kibo Robot Programming Challenge registration is live!

Link for registration is below:

What is the Kibo Robot Programming Challenge?

The Kibo Robot Programming Challenge (KRPC) is an educational program hosted by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in cooperation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). During this challenge, students will use computer programming skills to control free-flying robots (Astrobee and Int-Ball) to solve problems aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Participants will have the chance to learn cutting-edge methodologies and to hone their skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) through this program. It is hoped that, by getting the opportunity to collaborate alongside professional scientists and engineers, students will be inspired to develop educational and professional goals that they only dreamed of before! 

Things You Will Learn from the Kibo Robot Programming Challenge

Programming Skills:

1. Improve your coding abilities through hands-on robotics programming.

2. Robotics Knowledge: Learn the basics of robotics and automation with Astrobee.

3. Critical Thinking: Enhance problem-solving, logical reasoning, and analytical skills.

4. Project Management: Gain skills in planning, executing, and managing projects efficiently.

5. Teamwork: Develop collaboration and communication skills within a team setting.

6. Research Techniques: Advance your ability to research and learn new technologies independently.

7. Problem-Solving Confidence: Build resilience and confidence in

tackling complex challenges.

8. Professional Exposure: Gain insights from interactions with experts from JAXA and NASA.

9. Global Perspective: Experience cultural exchange and global competitiveness.

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We want to thank RUET VC Sir Prof. Dr. Engr. Md. Jahangir Alam

for the collaboration. Hope many universities will come forward to join us!


As you fill out this application form, please keep the following things in mind:

1. You MUST complete all required parts of this application or else you will be disqualified.

2. All team members MUST currently be an enrolled student at a school, college or university to be eligible for participation in this competition. Students in Masters and PhD programs are welcome to participate.

3. Students residing in Bangladesh as well as students identifying as being of Bangladeshi-origin are welcome to participate.

4. Teams MUST consist of at least THREE group members and UP TO SIX group members. There will be no exceptions.

5. All teams must appoint a team representative from within their team.

6. You can only join ONE team at a time!  No one can be a member of more than one team.

7. If your application is accepted, your team will compete in the Preliminary Round Robin (national round) for a spot in the final competition (international round). During the preliminary phase, you will compete against other Bangladeshi teams.   The winning Bangladeshi team will get the chance to participate in the final competition against teams from countries around the world.

8. All members of the team MUST have a basic understanding of Newtonian physics and Euclidean geometry to succeed in this competition.

9. You MUST have 1-2 members with basic computer programming experience in any language. Your application will not be accepted otherwise.   Familiarity with Android Studio and ROS is a plus, but not required.

10. The deadline for applications is March 1, 2024.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation. We can't wait to meet our applicants!!

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